Robert Silveberg



Born on January 15th in NYC, an only child. Began his own fanzine in 1949 and sold his first story in 1953. Graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Comparative Literature. Collaborated with Randall Garrett often, under the pseudonym Robert Randall. Due to the prodigious volume of his output he's also used a number of other pseudonyms. Sometimes refered to as "Silverbob"

Retired from SF in 1959 but returned in the 60's with darker and more complex fiction. In 1973 he 'retired' again until 1978.

Married from 1956 to 1986 to Barbara Brown. In 1987 he married author Karen Haber with whom he has collaborated on fiction and editing.
Resident of Oakland, CA.

Awards: Hugo ('56 New Author, 69,87,90), Nebula (5), Jupiter and Prix Apollo.


Aliens from Space
1958 as D.Osborne
The Alien Years
August 1998, Harper Hardcover ISBN:0-061-05035-0
Alpha 3
Alpha 6
The Arbor House Treasury of SF masterpieces
with Martin H. Greenberg
At Winter's End
The Book of Skulls
Born With he Dead
Downward to the Earth
Dying Inside
1972, Scribner
The Face of the Waters
Gilgamesh the King
Kingdoms of the Wall
(c) 1992 by Agberg, Ltd.
1992 Bantam hardcover ISBN:0-553-09309-6
Invaders from Earth
Invincible Barriers
1958 as D. Osborne
Lord Valentine's Castle
July 1995, Harper Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-061-05487-9
Majipoor Chronicles
The Masks of Time
The Mutant Season
w. Karen Haber
The New Springtime
w. Asimov
Phases of the Moon
Short story collection >DD? 2004
Project Pendulum
The Reality Trip and other Implausibilities
The Stochastic Man
Sadrach in the Furnace
Secret Shares: The Collected Stories of R.S., Vol. I
1996, Bantam Spectra, ISBN:0-553-10264-8
1958 as I. Jorgenson
Stepsons of Terra
1958 as I.Jorgenson
A Time for Changes
1971 Nebula
The Ugly Little Boy
with Isaac Asimov
Valentine Pontifex
The World Inside
World of a Thousand Colors

As Editor

Dark Stars
(c) 1969 Robert Silverberg
1969 Ballantine cover art by Ronald Walotsky
Short story collection
Legends II
The SF Hall of Fame: The Greatest SF Stories of all time

"Born With the Dead"
novella, 1974 Nebula
"Gilgamesh in the Outback"
"Hawkbill Station"
"Hi Diddle Diddle"
"The Iron Chancellor"
May 1958 Galaxy SF
"Our Lady of the Sauropods"
Sept 1980 Omni
"Passengers" 1969 Nebula
Column for Amazing Sotires
"Road to Nightfall"
(c) 1958 by King-Size Publications, Inc.
1969 in Dark Stars ed. by Robert Silverberg
"Sailing to Byzantium"
novella, 1985 Nebula
A Tip on a Turtle"
May 1991, Amazing Stories
"To the Promised Land"
(c) 1989 by Agberg, Ltd.
1989 in What Might Have Been Vol. I: Alternate Empires , edited by Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg

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